Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

some past shows.

spiral beach.
empty spaces.
adam's apple.


green go
empty spaces.
adam's apple

[date: ]

at the skinny
put on by thesarniascene.ca
[date: october 30th, 09]

empty spaces 17
the o'darling, miss emily brown, nic swales, kevin barr
at the story

[date: november 30th, 2009]

london arts festival
featuring kaki king, slaffengrad, final fantasy, polar bear, akron family etc.
see http://www.lolafest.com/ for more information.
[date: september 17-20]

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the very first post.

well. there is a lot going on in sarnia right now.

there is a lot that needs to be documented. a lot that needs to be spat out. more opinion than commentary, more critical than complacent.

that is where modern mechanism comes in.

this will be a place where people can comment on events that occur, see photos and learn about some upcoming events.  we hope to expand but for now, blogger will do us just fine.

thankfully the name wasn't taken yet.



this will be a chronicle of things that have happened and things that arrive as they do. always so quickly and it is always nice to have a place to go back and reflect upon them. hopefully this can be that for some.

feel free to respond.